April 25th, 2019
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Besides watching trailers, I know nothing about Endgame. I won't be able to watch it until this weekend, so I'm debating whether or not to look up spoilers before I go. We'll see.

I'm working my way through my queues, but I think I've just added more than I've watched, so womp womp. I am also working on some other things in preparation for when I finish my grad program in a year. Really, all I want to do is nap for the rest of my spring break. Alas, not going to do that.

Someone who is much better with googling, is there a way to find statistics on population for specific zipcodes? More specifically, statistics for health conditions based off of zipcodes? If not zipcodes, then statistics in a state/city?

It's currently 91 degrees where I am, so I gave up and decided to turn on my AC. Urgh. I am not happy about that at all.

Sign ups for Not Prime Time close on April 30th. Instructions to sign up are here and the tag set.
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I'll even keep it spoiler free - and not only because I can't be bothered to remember how to do a lj-cut.

Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed it, found it a satisfying ending to 10+ years of films (which, yes, I rewatched all of before this) and am definitely going to see it a few more times.

Possibly not in a double feature with Infinity War though because that was a seriously long time to sit in a cinema seat last night.

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Today's Anzac Day, a public holiday here in Australia, when we honour those who served in war. The date commemorates the day in 1915 when the ANZACs (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) landed in Gallipoli in Turkey.

In a lot of ways, I really dislike what Anzac Day has become in recent decades. It's become scarily unthinking, turning into something that increasingly isn't allowed to be given careful thought or, heaven forfend, criticized. When I was a kid it wasn't like that. There was a feeling in some quarters that Anzac Day was becoming increasingly irrelevant and that in some ways it served to glorify war. You wouldn't want to say something like that on Twitter these days.

I was talking to my mother earlier and she told me that she went to the Anzac service in her suburb this morning. Not the dawn service, but the one later in the morning. I was really surprised, because it's not something I can ever remember her doing before. I'm pretty sure she hasn't been since before I was born. She said she was thinking about her father, who served in WWII, and about the various members of our family who served in both world wars, and one uncle of my grandfather who was a drummer boy in the Boer War as well as serving in WWI.

Why hasn't she been to the Anzac Day service in decades? Because her father used to make her go to the dawn service every single year when she was growing up, long after she was interested in going, and the result was that she carried her resentment about that with her for a long time. She just didn't want to know - so he sort of ended up with the opposite of what he wanted there.

But talking to her reminded me of one of the most unexpected discoveries I've made in all the years I've been researching the family history:

My grandfather came to Australia with his parents and brothers in the 1920s, but a lot of his extended family had already come here in the years just before WWI. His grandfather and step-grandmother and several aunts had gone to Queensland, another aunt and another uncle had settled in Melbourne, and yet another uncle had gone to Tasmania.

That last uncle, Frank Mitchell Cook, joined up in northern Tasmania after WWI broke out, and was shipped over to France, where he died on the Somme, just before the Battle of Pozieres in July 1916. Reading his WWI service dossier, his life seemed to me like a short, sad little story about the pointlessness of war. But then I noticed a letter on the file, from his fiancee, Pearl Mays. That surname rang a bell with me. D's father and his maternal grandmother were both from Tasmania. I checked D's family tree and saw that his grandmother, the daughter of a Deborah Mays, was born in Ulverstone, northern Tasmania, the little town where Frank Mitchell Cook had joined up.

It turned out that Pearl Mays was Deborah Mays' niece, and therefore D's grandmother's cousin.

My grandfather's uncle had been engaged to D's grandmother's first cousin.

And yes, the population of Australia was only about 5 million then, and the population of Tasmania tiny, but still. What are the odds? Frank Mitchell Cook was the only member of my mother's family ever to settle in Tasmania, and he was only there for a couple of years. I mean yes, D's family had been there since the first white settlers in the first decade of the 19th Century, so probably about half of Tasmania's population at that time was related to his family (Tasmania joke), but it still seems pretty amazing that our families briefly crossed paths and joined back then.

So today I'm thinking of Frank Mitchell Cook and Pearl Mays and what might have been. It isn't something that should be glorified, but regretted.

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On a Lane in Spring )

I had my annual physical on Wednesday, though I have to have lab work done on Friday because I stupidly forgot that since our insurance changed, I have to go to a different lab and by the time I remembered, my doctor wouldn't have had the results by today anyway. I stopped at AC Moore for one specific thing, running horse charms, and though they have like eleven different elephant charms, they only have big Western horse head charms -- I swear I looked at every charm in the place. At least the snowflake charms are on sale in April.

We had quick pad thai and samosas for dinner, then we watched the Capitals game, though we cheated on them briefly with What We Do in the Shadows though that didn't matter because they went up quickly, then gave up a bunch of goals, then did absolutely nothing in a first overtime before losing in the second overtime. I'm sad for my local friends who were hoping for a second Stanley Cup but this is the most hockey I've watched all year! Here are some of the flowers and growing things at Mount Vernon in the gardens and on the farm:

Alexandria Spring )
April 24th, 2019
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Today the headache that hasn't quite gone away for almost three weeks swooped back in with a vengeance. I was in a godawful amount of pain, but I had try to function because Undun was coming to paint the last bit of our kitchen.

Backstory: our kitchen was renovated in 2015, apart from the floor and painting the walls. The floor was done in 2017, and Undun said she'd help with the painting at around the same time. She did most of it - the family room - and left the last bit of the walls, in the kitchen proper, plus the trim and ceiling for D to do. But D did not do. And I am stupidly chronically ill and unable to do. So for two years it remained almost done, and driving me crazy.

Undun is starting a new job next week, after having about six months off since she left her old job and moved down here. She offered to paint the last bit of the kitchen walls before she started the new job - and that's what she did today.

It looks SO GOOD. We (she) painted the walls of the family room, at one end of the room, a deep green back in 2017, but the kitchen bit of the room is alabaster cupboards, silver glass splashback and black stone benches, with stainless steel appliances, so the (new) wall paint there is a pale grey (called Grey Pail). It's a shade or so lighter than the splashback and an unbelievably good match. The old colour was a cold light blue that did not go with anything. It's SUCH a nice change.

But the best bit? Once Undun was done, she and D had a talk and she advised him on what to do with the trim, and now she's got him in the right frame of mind to do it. He's going to work on it tomorrow. THANK GOD.

So I got through today upright, the blue walls are no more, and now I've had two prescription painkillers at once followed by an extremely hot shower, and the pain has settled down to more manageable levels.

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The Yiinwu Pavilion )

On Tuesday the inspector from the restoration company came to inspect the upstairs closet and we were this close to scheduling repairs, but the insurance company had said they'd pay to paint the whole room (which was last painted over 20 years ago) while his work order said only the back wall and ceiling, so now we have to get in touch with the insurance adjuster again and...arrrgh. Well, it will get done when it gets done. Paul worked from home in the afternoon to meet with them, so we had lunch together.

It was otherwise an uneventful day of busy work with a brief walk in the park and a less exciting evening (The Flash, which is dragging out the family dramas, then Gentleman Jack, which is empowering and engrossing despite the class issues, then Fosse/Verdon, which is deeply depressing. From the Sackler Gallery's Empresses of China's Forbidden City, some of the fabulous clothes -- I have already told Adam that he should show respect to me like emperors dressing their mothers like this:

2019-04-20 15.09.23
Dressing Empresses )
April 23rd, 2019
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Raising a toddler and posting here don't seem to really work well - this surprises no one, I believe.

Anyhow. I used to have my open tabs under control, now I have 43 of them, the horror! Most of it is thanks to the Guardian fandom which ensures my reading list is full of delightful fannish content every day. Seriously, if one isn't in the fandom already, just subscribing to [community profile] sid_guardian and seeing all the posts popping up can get you in the mood to join in. I mean, there's everything - the tiniest details of canon discussed, vids, fanart, fic, fans subbing and translating, icon battles, various episode reviews, ... Over 100 members, nearly 400 (!) entries to the comm already. Meanwhile, I haven't re-watched the show, yet, and am also still waiting to get in the mood to read all the excellent fanfic out there.

Instead I'm reading 杀破浪 Sha Po Lang by priest in Chinese (translation), and it's so hard! I re-read the first chapters in translation, though, and I do seem to get the gist, usually. What still impresses me most is the dark humour. The story's very engaging so far, I'm at the beginning of chapter 43 (of well over one hundred).

I was somewhere in the middle of SCI Mystery case 4 (about 1000+ pages in in my ebook version) when I abandonded it thanks to foxghost's enthusiastic rec of Sha Po Lang... I've watched the drama's first few eps, too, but stopped so as to avoid spoiling myself too much, that'd just discourage me from actually reading on. I have to say, SCI Mystery totally is the easiest Chinese text I've read, not including any textbook texts, of course. It also gives off extreme yaoi-tropey vibes. Reminded me of actual yaoi/shounen ai manga I read about 15+ years ago.

Via tumblr, I stumbled over Original Sin (subbed eps) and started watching. Good production value and it's very intriguing, but pretty dark and I was distracted by other things, which is my new theme. It's a wonder I ever finish anything these days.

Thanks to a primer, I also got into The Magicians at the worst possible time and watched up to season 2 ep 10. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever return to it (though it's more a matter of being able to bear it than one of protest), although it was the first show in forever to actually give me story ideas. It just seemed so promising for writing all the poly constellations, plus AUs are practically canon.

It's already been ages since I finished 魔道祖师 Modao Zushi (The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). I enjoyed it a lot - Wei Wuxian is one of the most engaging protagonists I've read in forever, so I already got hold of other books by the same author. Will get to them eventually - only about 800 pages left of Sha Po Lang. (I'm not crying, you're mistaken...) It should be great to read them if just to relax after getting through priest's style. I mean, the language is beautiful, I'm just in way over my head.

There are quite a few things I still want to post about but I'm tired, so this is it for now. Hi there to anyone who actually subscribed to me in the last few months! I hope I'll be able to engage more sometime soon. My toddler will go to daycare starting in May, so who knows - I might actually feel able to rub two brain cells together and write something more often then.
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Oops. I just checked recently and apparently my 10 Year DW Anniversary was on April 11th. I missed it! I can't believe I've had my DW for 10 years. That's just wild. I kind of want to do a comparison of my life (real and fannish) then and now to see what changed and what didn't. Maybe later.

I'm home and it's a good thing I came home on Monday because I found a notice that they're redoing the pavement today and tomorrow for the entrance of the apartment complex (thus I can't enter the complex), then the next two days after that are repaving the exit (thus you can't leave!). I'm fortunate that it's my spring break still so I don't have to go anywhere, but people are still working, so the street will be filled with their cars because they can't enter/then exit, depending on the day. They're going to repave the rest of the apartment complex parking areas in the beginning of May, but as I'm looking at the map and the colored sections...it looks like the one for my side and another section include the entrance/exit parts that are supposed to be repaved these four days. What?

I'm making a list of things I need to do around the apartment while I'm stuck here. It's a bit of a mess because I'm usually busy with my grad program, but I need to start organizing because I'll have a classmate living with me for a month before we start clinicals. I'm going to move my computer desk into my bedroom, but that leaves my living room completely empty since I don't have furniture. The goal, after saving up money for the name change, is to save up for things I need before he arrives in the guest bedroom, along with some stuff for the living room. I was looking at pinterest and I was thinking a bench and some chairs would be nice. The only couch I want is at IKEA and too expensive for me right now, but bench and chairs I could save up and swing for.

I keep fiddling around with my requests for Not Prime Time, but I think these are the fandoms and relationship tags I'm going to stick with. There's currently 52 participants so far, but I'm surprised no one has requested Mulan yet. There's a bunch of fandoms I expected to be requested since they were nominated into the tag set. We'll see! Right now Captain Marvel is the most requested fandom, though Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms is the most offered.

Sign ups for Not Prime Time close on April 30th. Instructions to sign up are here and the tag set.
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So we got out the heated cat beds.

Not a cat )

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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thank you in advance for writing in one of my fandoms. My AO3 name is BridgetMcKennitt.

I like femslash, slash, het, threesomes/moresomes as you can tell from my various requested relationships. I like reading explicit as much as I do non-explicit. Don't feel you need to write a certain way because you don't. I've listed many different, varied options for each fandom below, and I would be thrilled with whatever road you decide to take.

I do have some likes and dislikes when it comes to fics. I don't expect you to use everything in my kinks/likes section, and I wouldn't want you to as a lot of it doesn't work together and/or doesn't work for a particular fandom, so don't worry about that. Just please don't write my dislikes and I'll be a happy camper.

Likes: Character driven plot, worldbuilding both big and small, alpha/beta/omega, smut/PWP, threesomes, bondings (forced or otherwise), obsession, tension, misunderstandings, subtle flirting, fluff, dub-con, non-con handholding (or whatever non-con non-sexual situation), kidfic, mpreg/fpreg (or preg in general, I don't have a particular person designated as the pregnant one), established relationships, foodporn or other non-sexual things described in loving detail.

I'd like happy endings for any fic you write.

Dislikes: Crossovers, first or second POV, character death, crack, bashing, not!fics, unhappy endings.

Fandoms: Ao no Exorcist | Blue Exorcist, Batman (Movies - Nolan), Captain Marvel (2019), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV 2018), The Chronicles of Riddick Series, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Hikaru no Go, Justice League (2017), RED (Movies), Wonder Woman (2017)

Read more... )
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Evening Storm )

Monday involved a bunch of laundry and boring work interspersed with two Latios raids -- caught a shiny, plus found a shiny Buneary and random shiny Mareep, so that was fun! Plus I walked several miles thinking that it was the last day of Eggstravaganza double distance credits, only to find out that that's tomorrow, but it was a really gorgeous day so it was well worth it. I didn't do anything for Earth Day besides sign some petitions and admire a lot of flowers, so I owe the planet some more attention.

We watched Legends of Tomorrow, which was touching as well as funny -- I need to catch up on the first two seasons this summer. Then we watched Sunday night's Billions, which was neither touching nor funny and Wendy's behavior toward Taylor is confusing me. The Enemy Within is confusing me even more and kind of aggravating me. In honor of that lovely Mareep, here are some of the sheep and lambs at Mount Vernon, moms and babies in the upper paddock, dads and non-breeders in the lower farm:

2019-04-21 14.30.17
Washington's Sheep )
April 22nd, 2019
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Lots and lots of politicking in this one! Everyone's got headaches from the rapid fall of two major political players, and Sir Su is ready to topple another. Gong Yu, Xinliu and Xinyang set the plot in motion to take down Yu's ally in the Ministry of Personnel.

Wheels are turning below the cut! )
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26x Doctor Who icons made for a songset challenge + alternates HERE @ [personal profile] thisbluespirit
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There was so much to love in this episode, so many little character moments. It was the calm before the storm, the night before the battle, quite literally.

I particularly loved the scene between Jaime and Brienne Read more... )

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Today is my ten year anniversary here on DW. I still remember being excited when I found [staff profile] denise's mail with the invitation code in my inbox, and I loved exploring and creating stuff for DW. The only other site that managed to hold my attention for that long is Dragon Cave. *g*

Even though I haven't been very active during the past twelve months, I'm still considering DW my online home. It's been a slow process getting back into posting again, with still far too many weeks in between entries. I mean, there totally are some things I would like to talk about - like visiting [personal profile] maerchen_mond and getting caught up with the MCU again, or squeeing about Taron Egerton and his appearance on the Graham Norton show, and so on.

So, I'm working on it, and what better day to make another attempt than my ten year anniversary, right? *g*
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